Hubbard Glacier Time Lapse & Calving Highlight Videos from the Disney Wonder

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As mentioned in our Day 6 trip log from our 2019 9-Night Alaskan cruise aboard the Disney Wonder, I set up a GoPro to record the Disney Wonder’s arrival to the face of Hubbard Glacier before the ship rotated to give the other side of the ship a chance to view the glacier.

Hubbard Glacier, located in Disenchantment Bay, Alaska, is approximately the height of a 30-story building (~300 feet) and is about 6.5 miles wide. Below is the Crystal Symphony arriving for their time at the glacier as we were leaving. Seeing another ship at Hubbard Glacier gave me a much better perceptive of the overall size. As we continued to sail away, the Symphony got small, but the glacier was still magnificent.

Hubbard Glacier Crystal Symphony Cruise Ship

The following is a highlight video compiled from all the raw video recorded during our time at Hubbard Glacier onboard the Disney Wonder on July 13, 2019. Some of the calving highlights were shown in the time lapse above. Be sure to stick around, or fast forward to the end so you can hear the sounds of Hubbard Glacier. The thunderous sounds you will hear not he video are only about 5% as impressive as they are when you are there in person.

I still belive, the only way to really appreciate the size and beauty of Hubbard Glacier is seeing it with your own eyes. However, after 3 consecutive years, Disney Cruise Line will not be returning to Hubbard Glacier in 2020 as the Disney Wonder is back to just 7-night sailings. Hopefully, when we are ready to go back (well we already are) Disney will offer an itinerary with a stop at Hubbard Glacier.

For more on our time aboard the Disney Wonder, please see our trip log starting in Vancouver, or jump to day 6 for more coverage and photos of Hubbard Glacier. Looking for more? Check out our highlight video from our 2017 trip to Hubbard Glacier.

Have you been to Hubbard Glacier, let us know what you thought about the experience in the comments below.

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